How to Hang Netting With Balloons From the Ceiling

Deborah Stephenson

There is nothing that says “party” quite like a bunch of balloons, especially huge masses of them hanging from the ceiling in near invisible netting. Making a balloon net requires several yards of netting but little else other than the time it takes to hang.

If you purchase glitter netting, the effect will be a sparkling and pretty feature in itself, or you can color coordinate the netting to match balloons and barely notice it is there.

  1. Measure the area over which you plan to hang the netting. You do not have to measure the ceiling, just measure the room (unless you have truly strange architecture, they should be the same size).

  2. Purchase a quantity of tulle netting in the color you prefer, using the room dimensions as your guide and allowing several extra yards for it to hang loosely so that balloons will fit behind it.

  3. Start at one end of the room and screw in small cup hooks or press self-sticking self-adhesive tape to the ceiling at each corner and every few feet between those points.

  4. Go to the opposite end of the room and repeat the procedure as above. (If the room is small, that may be sufficient; or you can add additional rows of hooks or self-adhesive tape in rows as needed near the center of the room.)

  5. Starting at one end, catch a couple of folds of netting over each hook to hang. (If using self-adhesive tape, peel back the protective paper from the adhesive strips on the ceiling and press the tulle hard against it to hold in place.

  6. Continue hooking or taping the tulle netting until it is all securely fastened to the ceiling.

  7. Blow up balloons and fill the netting from the sides, pushing balloons with subsequent balloons until the whole space behind the netting is full.

  8. Tip

    For a truly magical effect, string LED twinkle lights on the ceiling first, then use white glitter or sequin tulle with pearl pastel balloons. The lights will sparkle through and around the balloons and netting making the ceiling look like something from fairyland.