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How to Clean a Pitney Bowes Mail Meter

Kallie Johnson

Pitney Bowes--founded in 1920 by Arthur Pitney and Walter Bowes--manufactures office supplies and equipment, including mail sorters, mail systems, postage scales and mail meters. A mail meter, or postage meter, is used to weigh and apply postage for bulk mailing.

A mail meter stamps mail with an ink postage stamp or mark.

Over time, a mail meter must be cleaned to remove dirt, dust and keep the machine properly functioning. Pitney Bowes recommends only using Pitney Bowes cleaning products to clean Pitney Bowes mail meters.

  1. Unplug the mail meter from the wall.

  2. Open the cover of the mail meter. Spray the canned air inside the whole machine to remove dirt and dust. Be sure to spray in any crevices or cracks.

  3. Dampen a lint-free cloth with cleaning solution. Wipe down all rollers inside the machine. Roll the rollers as you clean to ensure you clean the entire surface of the roller.

  4. Open an alcohol wipe. Rub on any substances that are not removed from the rollers. Close the top of the machine.

  5. Spray a lint-free towel with the cleaning solution. Rub the cleaning solution onto the outside surface of the mail meter to clean.

  6. Warning

    Only clean what you can see and reach. Never remove any pieces or parts for internal cleaning. If any pieces or parts need to be removed, contact a professional. Removing pieces and parts can void the manufacturer's warranty.