How to Get a Seat Bolt Out of a Koehler Toilet

Kenneth Crawford

Kohler makes a wide variety of toilets and toilet seats. Kohler toilet seats attach to the toilet using two nylon seat bolts and retaining nuts. The seat bolts are hidden behind a cap on the hinge that attaches to the seat.

When the toilet seat is loose or you are replacing it, you need to get the seat bolt out of the Kohler toilet.

  1. Close the toilet seat lid so you can access the seat bolts. Insert a flat-head screwdriver in between the seat and the hinge cap. Pry the top of the cap toward the toilet tank to reveal the seat bolt head. Repeat for the opposite hinge cap.

  2. Adjust the jaws of an adjustable wrench around the retaining nut on the bottom of the toilet bowl flange.

  3. Hold the retaining nut with the adjustable wrench and turn the seat bolt head counterclockwise with a large flat-head screwdriver. Once the seat bolt is loose from the nut, remove the adjustable wrench and spin the nut off the seat bolt with your finger.

  4. Push the seat bolt up from the bottom of the toilet flange and grab the bolt head with your other hand to remove it from the toilet. Repeat for the opposite side.

  5. Tip

    If you have a steel seat bolt and the nut is rusty, cut the bolt between the nut and the toilet flange with a hacksaw.