How to Remove Super Glue From Hard Surfaces

Super glue is a strong adhesive. It is also fast-acting, which means it adheres and dries quickly. Its fast-acting properties can sometimes be a bother. This is because super glue can sometimes end up drying on unwanted surfaces -- such as a kitchen counter top or table.

Super glue can sometimes end up sticking to unwanted surfaces.

If this happens, it is not impossible to remove that chunk of dried super glue.

  1. Use a razor blade scraper to gently scrape off the dried super glue. Use gentle and steady pressure. Take care not to chip the surface.

  2. Soak a rag with super glue remover, acetone or amyl acetate, if you cannot scrape off the super glue.

  3. Allow soaked rag to sit on an inconspicuous part of the surface for 10 to 15 minutes. If it does not stain the surface, allow rag to sit on the dried super glue.

  4. Remove rag and gently scrape off glue.