Installation of a Brinks Deadbolt

Shannon Johnson

Home Security has and always will be a top priority for homeowners. Choosing the most efficient and secure devices is an important process. Brinks is one of the most recognized and successful home security businesses.

According to the Brinks website, the company has been in operation for over 15 decades and prides itself on updating and maintaining quality security devices. The Brinks deadbolt is a lock that is commonly used by homeowners to secure main entry doors.

  1. Purchase a Brinks deadbolt at a local hardware store or home supply store. Brinks deadbolt locks are available for a reasonable price and have a full lifetime warranty.

  2. Remove the Brinks deadbolt lock from the packaging and read any instructions or specifications that are provided. A deadbolt lock is positioned about the doorknob and functions as an additional lock with the use of a standard locking doorknob. Unscrew and dispose of the old deadbolt lock before installing the Brinks deadbolt lock.

  3. Slide the latch bolt through the bolt hole and screw it into place. The bolt should be in the "unlock" position until the entire Brinks deadbolt lock is finished being installed. Attach the front and back sides of the cylinder by sliding the connecting bar into place.

  4. Attach the strike plate onto the door frame with the screws that were provided. In some cases, the hole for the deadbolt may need to be enlarged prior to the installation. This can be accomplished by using a wood knife or a small electric saw.

  5. Test the Brinks deadbolt lock to make sure that it is functioning correctly and that the door opens and closes with ease. The addition of a Brinks deadbolt lock increases the security of the home because it is a quality product manufactured by a reputable home security company.

  6. Tip

    It is beneficial to store extra keys for the deadbolt locks in a safe location. Placing a copy of each deadbolt key on the main key rings is advisable.


    Although Brinks deadbolt locks are one of the most dependable brands on the market, homes can still be broken into. Considering the installation of a Brinks Home Security System is another safe guard that further protects a home if a lock is broken by an intruder. The Brinks security system can alert the authorities quickly and stop a burglary in progress.

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