How to Cut Ceiling Light Panels

Cecilia Harsch

Ceiling light panels are available at home improvement centers and lighting supply stores in industry standard sizes of 23 3/4 inches wide by 23 3/4 or 47 3/4 inches long. Unfortunately, light fixtures that require light panels are not always the same size.

Cutting your own ceiling light panels gives a custom fit.

You can order custom-sized ceiling light panels or save some money and cut your own to the size you need. Take care when cutting your own panels, as the cut edges can be sharp.

  1. Measure the ceiling light or the old light panel. Transfer those dimensions with a felt-tip pen onto the replacement light panel.

  2. Lay a straightedge along the measurement line. Score the light panel along the straightedge with a plastic sheet cutting tool. Trace the score line with the cutter seven to eight times along the straightedge.

  3. Place the ceiling light panel on a table with the score line facing up and just off the edge of the table. Place a board over the side of the light panel that remains on the table.

  4. Hold the board firmly in place with one hand, while applying slight pressure with the other hand on the side of the panel hanging off the table. Placing pressure on the light panel causes the panel to snap apart along the scored line.

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