The Difference Between a Den & a Bedroom

William McCoy

In typical homes, every room has a different use. The kitchen is used for preparing food and is often the location in which families eat. Regardless of its size, virtually every home has at least one bedroom, and many homes may have a room the residents refer to as a den.

Homes often contain several bedrooms.

Distinct differences set a bedroom apart from a den.


As its name indicates, a bedroom is a room containing a bed. In other words, it's a room for sleeping. At its most basic, a bedroom probably has a bed, a bedside table and a dresser or cupboard. Larger bedrooms may also include a lounge area, en-suite bathroom and television set.


A home's den is the term often given to a family room or an informal living room. While a living room or great room may appear more formally decorated, a family room or den is often a more casual place for the family to gather and lounge. A den can often be located on the ground floor of a home or in the basement, though families may convert an extra upper-floor bedroom to a den too.


Many homes contain at least two bedrooms. Large homes may contain more bedrooms and are ideal for large families with many children. Though a home's den is often synonymous with family room or rec room, the home will likely have just one den.

Den Contents

Dens can vary according to the family who lives in the home, but a den is typically a place of comfort and relaxation. It often includes a television and comfortable seating, such as plush couches or reclining chairs. If the family is not the type to sit around watching TV on a regular basis, the den may also include books, board games and perhaps even a fireplace. It is usually the place the family gathers for quality time together.