How to Build a Grotto for Religious Statues

Ocean Malandra

A grotto is a semi-enclosed place that holds and protects items of worship and sacredness. If you own statues that have spiritual or religious significance, building a grotto in the front or back yard is a way to devote space to the statue and protect it from the elements at the same time.

Some grottos are natural; some are manmade.

There are a number of simple ways to build your own shrine, some involving simple household items.

Use an Old Bathtub

  1. Obtain an old used bathtub; the clawfoot kind are the best.

  2. Dig a hole about 2 or 3 feet deep in your back or front yard in the place you want your grotto to be.

  3. Stand the bathtub up on one end, lengthwise, and place it in the hole you dug in your yard.

  4. Fill the bottom of the bathtub with dirt and pack dirt around the base so that it is secure standing on its end.

  5. Paint the bathtub any color you want, including multiple colors and intricate designs.

  6. Place the statue on the ground or on a covering inside the bottom of your bathtub grotto.

Use an Old Refrigerator

  1. Dig a 2- to 3-foot-deep hole in the space where you want your grotto.

  2. Remove the door from an old refrigerator with a screwdriver. You may have to get a professional to help you with this step, depending on the refrigerator.

  3. Place the refrigerator in the hole, bottom end first.

  4. Fill the bottom of the refrigerator with dirt and pack it around the base of the refrigerator until it is well secure.

  5. Paint the refrigerator to suit your taste.

  6. Run an extension cord to the nearest power outlet and plug in the refrigerator. The light in the refrigerator should come on, giving you a lighted grotto at night. Unplug the cord during the day.

  7. Place statue in the grotto.