Installation of the Hydrolock Quick Connect

Blaze Johnson

The Moen Hydrolock Quick Connect joins compatible water supply valves to flexible hoses and faucet spraying components. Hydrolock Quick Connects feature female connections at each end and locking tabs designed to provide a water tight seal between the components without the need for special tools or materials.

  1. Examine the water connection fittings on the water supply hose or valve.

  2. Insert the male end of the sprayer hose fitting into the female end of the Hydrolock Quick Connect. Ensure that tje “FLOW” direction label on the Hydrolock Quick Connect points toward the sprayer line connection.

  3. Hold the Quick Connector and firmly press the locking tab to secure the sprayer hose until you hear a click.

  4. Repeat the connection procedure for the remaining end of the Hydrolock Quick Connect and water supply valve.

  5. Turn on the water supply and test the sprayer. Check the Quick Connect for leaks to finish the installation process.