How to Sell Old Barn Wood

How to Sell Old Barn Wood. The old siding on your barn is most likely worth money, and so are the planks on the side of the old utility shed that's been sitting next to a rambling county home for decades. The key is getting the product to the buyer.

When you go about renovating and getting rid of old buildings, it's often worth the trouble to collect the old wood for resale.

  1. Get the wood off of the structure without breaking it. You will probably need to utilize hammers, crowbars and your brains to facilitate making a decent pile out of the old siding.

  2. Get all nails, screws and other hardware out of the wood. Your old barn wood will be worth more if it is "clean", and you won't have to worry about injuries while transporting it. You'll need to find a timely method of taking out all of the old hardware that was holding your barn together.

  3. Get the wood free of earth and debris. Sure, after so many years, there will be cobwebs on your lumber. That's unavoidable. But pay attention to planks that were against the ground surface. You may have to pick through and discard planks that are too dirty or rotted to sell. The stack that you keep should be relatively clean and not rotting away.

  4. Know the dimensions of your product. Also, be knowledgeable about the type of wood that you have for resale. Different woods bring different prices. Knowing about the type and size of your pieces will help you get top dollar.

  5. Call numerous buyers, in your area or online. Negotiate rates with them and find the good deal. When you've found your buyer, you're almost done. All you have to do is deliver your wood and collect the money.