What Can I Use to Keep My Mattress From Sliding?

Angela Baird

A mattress skidding around on top of its box spring is an annoyance faced by many who use two-sided or older mattresses. Movement is caused by tossing and turning while sleeping, or simply by the act of sitting down or standing up off the edge of the bed, inadvertently pushing the mattress away from you.

Slippery covers can make it difficult to keep a mattress in place.

The propensity of your particular mattress to travel depends both on you and on the material used to cover your mattress.

Mattress Model

The best way to avoid a problem is to prevent it in the first place, so one way to keep your mattress from sliding is to purchase a one-sided model. These are not meant to be flipped like older double-sided mattresses and they are usually manufactured using a non-skid material on the bottom of the mattress. This ensures it stays where you put it.

Rubber Matting

If you are not in the market for a new mattress, the most economical way to stop all that slipping and sliding around is to purchase a piece of rubber matting such as is used to keep carpets in place or to line cupboard shelves. Measure your mattress beforehand by using a tape measure to measure down one side and across either the top or bottom of the mattress. Purchase a piece slightly larger than the surface area of your mattress. It can then be trimmed to size when you get it home.

Foam Rubber

The next best solution is to purchase a piece of thin foam rubber. Again, take your mattress's measurements with you for reference. Having any part of the slippery mattress touching the box spring can void the effects of the rubber material, or at best, decrease its benefit. Place the foam rubber between the mattress and the box spring to provide traction for the mattress and stop the sliding around.

Hook and Loop

Another method of arresting mattress movement is to purchase stick-on hook-and-loop strips. These have an adhesive on one side. Peel away the protective paper and place the strips with the hook pieces on either the bottom of the mattress or the top of the boxspring, placing the loop pieces on the opposite side. Be sure the pieces will match up when you place the mattress back onto the box spring. The strips attach to one another and stop the mattress from sliding.