How to Kill Weeds Between Pavers

Each spring and summer, weeds inevitably invade home landscapes. Weeds can grow in tiny cracks and crevices between landscaping pavers, causing driveways and patios to appear improperly maintained. If left untreated, weeds grow and multiply until pavers are completely overgrown with vegetation.

Unwanted plants that grow between pavers are a nuisance.

Fortunately, simple solutions can kill weeds between pavers.

  1. Pour undiluted white vinegar directly onto the weeds. Apply the vinegar on a calm day to prevent the wind from blowing the vinegar onto any vegetation surrounding the pavers.

  2. Cover the vinegar-soaked weeds with pieces of plywood to block out sunlight. Do not cover any desired vegetation.

  3. Wait three days for the vinegar and plywood to take effect and kill the weeds.

  4. Remove the plywood, and examine the weeds. If the weeds are not brown and wilted, pour boiling water on them. Do not let the water seep into any nearby vegetation.

  5. Wait three days for the water to reach the weeds’ roots and kill them.

  6. Pull the dead weeds and their roots out from between the pavers. Discard the dead weeds in the garbage.


Substitute a commercial weed killer for the white vinegar. Apply the product as instructed by the manufacturer.


Vinegar and boiling water kill both weeds and desired plants.