How to Dig in Frozen Ground

Sara McArt

Winter can be a cold affair for many states every year and our Northern states stay cold longer than others. If you have a project that will involve digging into the ground during the winter, you may have some trouble but you can work around it. Frozen ground does not have to be an impossible situation.

Digging holes for fences and other projects is possible in the winter.

With the correct tools and technique, you can dig the hole that needs to be dug with patience.


  1. Completely clean the area where you intend to dig the hole so that it is free of debris. Remove any flammable material from around the area where you plan to dig the hole.

  2. Unwrap the insulating blanket and cut a hole into it that is the same size as the metal tubing that you plan to use.

  3. Attach the tubing into the blanket hole with heat-resistant tape.

  4. Use the circular metal clamp to attach the heater to the meal tubing.

  5. Turn on the heater. Use the lowest heat setting initially and then slowly increase the temperature until the heater reaches its proper operating temperature.

  6. Push the metal rod into the ground to test the softness of the ground. You should be able to push the rod to the depth that you plan to dig to.

  7. Dig your hole with a three-sided shovel.