Oreck Troubleshooting

Denise Brown

An Oreck vacuum cleaner is easy to operate and seldom requires any maintenance. However, if you don’t watch what you are sweeping with the vacuum, you might accidentally pick up an item too long or too wide to easily go through the vacuum’s suction tube. When this happens, it’s a simple procedure to unclog the tube.

There are other simple steps that you can take to troubleshoot Oreck vacuums to avoid a call to the Oreck repair technician.

  1. Plug the Oreck vacuum into a live electrical outlet. Occasionally a vacuum cleaner may cause an electrical breaker to switch off, especially in an older home that may not have adequate wiring.

  2. Change the Oreck dust bag at the recommended level. As the bag fills, the vacuum cleaner loses its full vacuuming capacity and picks up less dirt on your floors. When you change the bag, be careful to seat the bag’s opening properly on its designated position or the vacuum may not work efficiently.

  3. Remove the bag from the machine if there’s no suction. Turn the machine so you can see into the opening that the bag attaches to. If there is lint or other debris in there, you need to unclog the tube.

  4. Put the machine on a soft or covered surface with the bag side of the machine facing away from you. Depending on your model, either twist the caps that hold the tube in place to release the tube, or push small metal buttons on either end of the tube to release it. Clean any debris from this tube and replace it.

  5. Take the bottom plate off the Oreck vacuum cleaner. Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the five screws. Set the screws somewhere that they can’t get lost. Pull the roller and belt out of the machine and set them aside.

  6. Look into the hole in the suction plate of the vacuum. If you can detect debris between that area and the start of the vacuum tube, pull the matter out and dispose of it.

  7. Reassemble the belt and roller system. If the belt shows signs of wear or stretching, replace it. If the brushes on the rollers are showing too much wear, it’s a good time to replace them as well. Put the five screws securely back into the bottom plate.

  8. Put the bag back on the vacuum cleaner. Plug the machine in and turn it on. If you still don’t have suction, it’s time to call the Oreck repair technician.


Perform any repairs or troubleshooting of the Oreck vacuum with the machine unplugged.