How to Protect the Floor Under Beverage Fridges

Michael Davidson

Beverages fridges are staples of dorm rooms, apartments and bars across the country. While not big enough to accommodate much in the way of food, the mini-fridges are very useful for storing beverages to keep them cold during parties, sporting events and other functions.

Small fridges can contribute to large messes.

The floor underneath a beverage fridge can undergo a lot of wear and tear thanks to the weight of the fridge coupled with moisture from both the fridge itself and any beverage spills. Protecting the floor under a beverage fridge should be a priority to keep your floor looking its best.

  1. Place a protective mat underneath the beverage fridge. This will help protect the floor from both moisture damage and scraping damage if the fridge slides while it is being opened and closed.

  2. Hold the frame of the fridge when opening or closing the door to further eliminate a risk of sliding.

  3. Wipe up spills with a towel immediately after they occur. Liquid can seep underneath a mat easily and will damage the floor if not wiped up. Pull the fridge out, lift up the mat and thoroughly dry the floor and the mat before placing the fridge.