How to Remove the Front From a Samsung Front Load Washer

Greg Lindberg

If you own a Samsung front load washer then you have a front panel of the unit that contains a door where you place your clothes. If you experience technical problems with your unit or if your door becomes broken you may need to know how to manually remove the front panel.

In order to detach the front panel from the washer you must also know how to remove other parts that allow you to accomplish the task.

  1. Move the Samsung front load washer from the wall, and then disconnect the power supply from the AC wall outlet.

  2. Turn off the water spigot above the hose on the back of the unit. Place a bucket below the hose to catch any water that may drip.

  3. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that connect the top and rear panels. Remove the top panel and set it aside.

  4. Open the front door of the washer and use your hand to remove the clamps that connect the door to the unit. Remove the door and then set it aside.

  5. Use a screwdriver to remove the four screws from the side panels, allowing the front panel to become loose. Remove the front panel from the unit.