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Door & Shutter Colors

Annie Lee Tatum
Table of Contents

A building's front door and shutters, if it has them, make an instant impression and contribute incalculably to curb appeal. Many homeowners choose matching doors and shutters, often to complement or even match the exterior trim. When choosing colors, there are several considerations to keep in mind.

A sidewalk in a neighborhood with attractive homes.

Do remember that the sky is the limit -- many companies offer custom paint colors in addition to already-mixed classics.


A front door painted black on a brick home.

Few businesses and homes feature sun-attracting black exterior walls; black is far more popular as an accent color, especially for doors and shutters. Black doors and shutters won't show dust, dirt and grime as badly as lighter colors; it also complements many existing color schemes.


A red wooden door on a sunny porch.

Red front doors are often distinctive; red shutters are one of the boldest accent-color choices available. Red offers many tonal variations, too--brick, maroon, burgundy and other red shades are all widely available. Few homes feature red trim, so the red door and/or shutters will likely stand alone. A red door may also be paired with shutters of a different color; blue and red make a striking exterior color scheme.


A light gray home with a dark gray door and shutters.

Gray shutters are a sound bet for most color schemes. Neutral and unobtrusive, gray shades will not detract from the main exterior color or trim. For those interested in functional shutters (especially on the south and east coasts of the U.S.), gray can be a practical choice, camouflaging wind damage and stains from debris. Pairing a gray front door with gray shutters may result in overkill if not done tastefully, however; consider mixing different shades of gray.


A close-up of blue trim on the porch of a beach house.

The blue palette may offer more chances for creativity than any other. Especially popular for bungalows and Cape Cod-style homes, blue doors and shutters can add life and luster to flat exterior colors. Rich dark blue shutters and doors serve to make lighter colors pop, while traditional Colonial and slate blues add a touch of distinction. Lighter, brighter blues serve as attractive complements to white, yellow or dark blue paint schemes.

Natural Wood Finish

A rustic wood front door on a modern home.

For extra beauty and distinction, consider stained or varnished natural wood. The wood grain adds aesthetic value and can contribute to authenticity if your home is in a historic neighborhood. Wood doors and shutters can be stained dark, light or anywhere in between, providing myriad options to complement the exterior of the building.