How to Fix Up Your Mobile Home

Ryan Mooney

There are many ways you can fix up your mobile home, and most of them don't have to be expensive. You can update your mobile home's look and fix almost any problem on a tight budget yet still make a big difference.

Your friends and family will be amazed at what you can do in your mobile home by fixing the flooring and updating your walls and appliances.

Fix the Flooring

  1. Evaluate the flooring in your mobile home for color, condition and quality to determine what you want to keep or replace. Note: Neutral colors can fit in with a modern look and do not always need replacing.

  2. Rent a steam cleaner to deodorize, remove stains and freshen up old carpeting.

  3. Buff or polish any wood or vinyl flooring. Simply removing scuff marks can make a heavily treaded, worn-looking floor appear new.

  4. Visit a home improvement store to analyze flooring replacement options.

  5. For kitchen areas, choose a heavy-duty tread tile. These square, self-adhesive tiles are easy to install without special equipment.

  6. For carpeting, select a type that qualifies for cheap installation by the home store. Many stores offer entire home installation of certain carpets for as low as $40, regardless of how much you purchase.

Modernize Walls and Windows

  1. Remove all wall hangings and pictures, as well as the nails used to hold them. Spackle all holes to fix damage.

  2. Purchase a neutral color paint (such as tan) that matches your existing furniture. Note: All walls can be painted. If you have dated tile in the bathroom, purchase a primer made specifically for tile and then paint in the color of your choice. This is much more cost-effective than refinishing an entire bathroom or old paneling in a living room.

  3. Remove all window fixtures and curtains and replace with blinds. Blinds allow natural light to come in and make a small space appear larger.

  4. Use valences (small curtains that attach to the window top) instead of full curtains to avoid a “closed in” feel.

  5. Hang a minimal amount of pictures and decorations on the walls so as to not clutter up your space. Less clutter makes a mobile home feel more spacious and modern.

Replace Appliances

  1. Evaluate the state of your appliances in terms of looks and functionality.

  2. Note: Updating your home appliances can instantly make an older home feel new.

  3. Search for installation deals or even used appliances that have a modern look (stainless steel or glossy black).

  4. Make money off of your old appliances by selling them on Craigslist or through your local paper.