Makeover Ideas for Bunk Beds in a Bedroom

Elizabeth Smith

Bunk beds are useful for space-saving purposes, but your design selections are limited. Whether you want to create a custom design, or you have a set of bunk beds that have seen better days, a makeover can give them new life.

A makeover can give old bunk beds a new look.

With a few simple changes, you can turn a standard bunk bed into a functional, beautiful piece of furniture.

Lounge Area

When one child moves into another room, a set of bunk beds can take up more space than necessary. Instead of exchanging them for a single bed, turn bunk beds into a loft and a lounge area to make the most of the space. Remove the bottom bed, and convert the space into a lounging area. With a few pieces of furniture, you can create an area that works with your child's special interests. Add a love seat, cushions and a pin-up lamp for reading. Alternatively, create a study alcove by arranging a desk, a chair, lighting and perhaps a small bookcase in the area. If a very young child uses the room, consider hanging a curtain rod and curtains over the space. Your child can use it as a playhouse.


The easiest way to give a set of bunk beds a new look is with a coat of paint or stain. To ensure that the paint will stick, sand the surface before staining or painting it. Instead of going with a standard color, choose a bold, saturated shade or alloy to turn the bunk beds into a custom work of art.


Give the bunk beds additional functionality with storage. This works especially well in a room with limited closet or floor space. Add drawers beneath the bottom bunk bed to store toys or off-season clothing. Alternatively, purchase plastic bins on wheels to put under the bottom bed. To give each child a place for books and other personal items, put up tall shelves or a tall bookcase alongside the bed. Let the child in the top bunk use the upper shelves, and have the child in the lower bunk use the bottom shelves. You may need to anchor a bookcase to the wall to keep it from toppling over. Another option is putting a shelf at the end of each bunk.


To make each bunk bed into a comfortable retreat for your kids, add curtains. For a dramatic look, hang long curtains from the ceiling to the floor. Or install a bar across the bottom of the top bunk and one from the ceiling to create two separate spaces. Curtains can be pulled back or pulled across, depending on the needs of your children. The fabric will add color and texture to the room and act as a design statement. If your children are train enthusiasts, tell them that their beds are bunks in a sleeping car, and add other train-themed elements to the room.