How to Fix a Carrier Air Conditioner

Cleveland Van Cecil

Carrier split air conditioners have one part of the unit inside the home and one part outside. The inside unit is the main control area, running all the main functions and regulating the temperature inside the home. Outside is the condenser unit.

Proper air conditioner repair prevents unnecessary wear.

Regular maintenance of your Carrier air conditioner unit, both inside and out, will prevent breakdowns. Most issues occur due to improper cleaning or clogs that prevent proper airflow and overwork the air conditioner motor components.

  1. Check that all the circuit breakers in the home are turned to the "On" position if you are not receiving power to the unit.

  2. Unplug the condenser unit from the plug outside the home if it is not running efficiently.

  3. Connect a soft vacuum attachment to a vacuum and suck up any dirt and debris on the outside of the condenser unit.

  4. Remove the screw from the top of the condenser unit and lift up the fan. Inspect all the wires for breaks.

  5. Spray the inside of the condenser unit with a hose to remove any excess debris.

  6. Turn on the air conditioning unit. Touch the pipes leading to the condenser after 10 minutes. One should feel warm and the other cool. If the pipes do not feel hot or cold, schedule an appointment with a professional to check the refrigerant units. In many areas, a service technician will need to refill refrigerant levels.

  7. Open the door for the inside unit. Pull out the air filter from the base. Replace the filter with the same model if the filter is dirty.

  8. Turn off the power to the unit and vacuum the inside of the unit.

  9. Locate the condensation tube if there is a leak. Remove the top and pour 1 cup bleach into the tube to clear out algae.