Standard Comforter & Bedspread Sizes

Comforters and bedspreads provide added warmth and comfort to a bed. According to Martha Stewart's "Homekeeping Handbook," "a comforter is a bed covering with two layers of cloth that contain a filling, such as down, feathers, wool, cotton or a synthetic material." Bedspreads or coverlets can be used as blankets or as decorative bed covers.

Comforter Function

Comforters are available in different prints and colors with matching accessories such as pillow shams.

Comforters are used for both warmth and style. According to "Country Living Easy Transformations: Bedrooms," comforters "often come in fashionable colors and prints, with matching accessories," making pulling a room together easy.

Bedspread Function

According to Comforters and Bedspreads, "bedspreads are bed coverings that extend over the entire bed and down the side of each side of the bed, nearly reaching the floor." Bedspreads, sometimes called coverlets, are typically used for style, but can be used for warmth too. Bedspreads often provide a more finished look when a bed is made.

Standard Comforter Sizes

According to "Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook," U.S. standard sizing for comforters is as follows: --Twin, 68 x 86 inches --Full or double, 76 x 86 inches --Queen, 86 x 86 inches
--King and California king, 100 x 90 inches

Bedspread Sizes

"Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook" states "coverlets should be considerably wider and longer than the mattress to allow an adequate drop, although the actual dimensions will depend upon the height of the bed and the presence (or lack) of a bed skirt." Use mattress sizes as a guide. Standard mattress sizes are as follows: --Twin, 38 x 75 inches --Extra-long twin, 38 x 79.5 inches --Full (double), 53 x 75 inches --Extra long full, 53 x 79.5 inches --Queen, 60 x 79.5 inchs --King, 76 x 79 inches --California king, 72 x 84 inches

Comforter Care

Protect comforters from stains with a machine-washable cover. Spot-clean uncovered comforters with mild dish-washing liquid and water and hang on a line in the sun several times a year to keep a fresh smell. If an uncovered comforter needs to be laundered, take it to a laundromat, so it can be washed in a large-capacity machine.

Bedspread Care

Bedspreads should be hung out in the sun to keep them fresh. Frequent cleaning is not recommended. Read the labels for care instructions. If washing is needed, clean at a laundromat in a large-capacity washing machine or have professionally dry-cleaned.

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