The History of Freezers

Before the invention of freezers, foods could only be frozen in large insulated cabinets surrounded by large blocks of ice. This changed in 1945 when the first electric freezer was manufactured in Wisconsin by Westye Bakke.

Inventor Background

Freezer and refrigerator units are frequently part of the same appliance.

In 1926, after giving his brother control of the winterized motorcycle business they had founded a few years earlier, Westye Bakke relocated from Rice Lake, Wisconsin, to Madison, Wisconsin. He sold refrigerators for Frigidaire before returning to Rice Lake in 1943 to produce in a nearby abandoned potato equipment factory.

Company Founding

Bakke called his company SubZero. He used connections he had made in refrigerator sales to market his product. However, when companies like Westinghouse, General Electric and other conglomerates started making residential freezers, he gave up on home freezer production and concentrated on specialty and commercial freezers.

SubZero Evolution

After building the first customized home refrigerator that fit into typical kitchen cabinet configurations in 1953, SubZero took hold of the high-end residential refrigerator market where it was still successful as of 2010.

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