Champion Generator Motor Information

Champion Power Equipment is an industrial and recreational appliance manufacturer based in Santa Fe Springs, California. As of late 2010, they manufacture four different categories of generators: Light Duty, Recreational, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty.

Light Duty

Champion's Light Duty line of generators offer power loads up to 1900 watts. The motors vary from model to model. Smaller models in the Light Duty line, such as the 40027 and 42013, run on a 64 cc, two-stroke CPE motor. Larger models like the 42431 and the CSA42412 run on a 80 cc OHV CPE motor.


Recreational Champion generators run on a variety of motors as well. The smaller models like the 73531I run on an 80 cc OHV CPE motor, while larger models like the 70009 are built around a 163 cc OHV CPE motor.

Medium Duty

Motors used across the Medium Duty line can supply power at up to 5500 watts. The CSA40038 uses a 270 cc OHV CPE motor, while the 41152 runs on a 337 cc OHV CPE motor and the CSA41155E is built around a 338cc OHV CPE motor.

Heavy Duty

Champion's Heavy Duty line of generators run on motors that can produce up to 9,000 watts. The 40023, 41351, 41365 and 41313 models all run on a 389 cc OHV CPE motor. Larger models like the 41511, 41513 and CSA40043 are built around a 439cc OHV CPE motor.

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