What Is the Life Span of a Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner's life span is dependent upon maintenance. How you maintain it will determine whether it lasts for one year or 10 years. Maintain your vacuum cleaner and improve its performance to promote longevity.


Properly maintaining your vacuum cleaner can improve its life span.

Do not vacuum damaging components such as paperclips and loose hardware such as nails, tacks and screws. These can become entangled in the hoses of the vacuum or the filter and do irreversible damage. Do not vacuum cosmetics such as lipstick because they melt and smear.

Cleaning your Vacuum

Turn off your vacuum cleaner and unplug it before cleaning. Check the brush roller on the bottom of the vacuum and remove hair, lint and carpet fibers. Empty the vacuum bag after each cleaning session. If you are using a canister vacuum cleaner, empty the canister after each use. Rinse the canister to remove left over particles.

Replacing the Belt

Inspect the belt for wear and tear. The location of the belt varies by model, so refer to your device's manual. Replace the belt if it is worn out. You can purchase a vacuum belt from retail or appliance stores if you have the model or serial number.

Replacing Filters

Replace the return air filter at least once a year. Replace HEPA filters every six to eight months. Refer to your vacuum cleaner's documentation on replacing the filter because the replacement steps vary with different vacuum cleaners.

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