How Does the Sunbeam Rocket Grill Work?

The Sunbeam Rocket Grill is an electric grill that has similarities to a toaster. Sunbeam claims that the Rocket Grill can cook most fresh foods in less than nine minutes and most frozen foods in less than 13 minutes.

Cooking Preparation

Seal food in one of the Rocket Grill parchment pouches included with the Rocket Grill. Anything in the pouch will be grilled at the same heat setting and for the same length of time.


Turn on the Rocket Grill for approximately five minutes to preheat it. Insert the pouch vertically into the grill and select one of the two cooking settings with the switch on the front of the machine: "Fresh or Precooked Frozen" and "Frozen or Bone In." Dial the timer at the center of the front panel to select a cooking time of up to 15 minutes.


Two heated grill plates press the parchment pouch to cook it according to the cooking and time setting. The grill plates press against the front and back of the parchment pouch, but never actually touch the food. The plates release when the time is up.


Grilling a steak on the Rocket Grill is three times faster than broiling one in the oven, according to Sunbeam. Sunbeam's website also notes that the upright cooking position and parchment pouch combine to greatly reduce fat and calories by allowing fat to drain toward the bottom of the parchment pouch. The Rocket Grill also needs virtually no cleanup, since the food and associated juices stay contained within the parchment pouch.


Because of its vertical orientation and size of the Rocket Grill, thicker cuts of meat and other wide foods may not fit into it. Though 48 parchment pouches are included with the grill, they are designed for single use.