How to Hook Up a Water Supply Hose to a Washing Machine

Water supply hoses supply hot and cold water to a washing machine. Hooking up the supply lines correctly ensures water will not leak from the hose connections and the correct temperature water enters the machine's wash cycles. Incorrectly hooking up a water supply hose will waste water and lead to the wrong water temperature entering a selected wash cycle. This can lead to damaged or improperly cleaned clothing after running them through the washing machine.

Washing machines require adequate water to clean clothing.

Step 1

Push one end of a water supply hose onto the hot water connection located on the back panel of the washing machine. Tighten the connection by turning the outside ring of the supply hose clockwise with an adjustable wrench.

Step 2

Wrap red electrical tape around the hose, near the loose connector. Ensure the tape is readily viewable.

Step 3

Connect a second water hose to the cold water port of the washing machine. Check to ensure both connections are tight. Pull the loose ends of both hoses over the back of the machine.

Step 4

Push the washing machine in place.

Step 5

Connect the water hose with the red electrical tape to the hot water line running from the house plumbing. Connect the cold water hose to the cold water supply line. Tighten both connections with the adjustable wrench. Turn on the valves attached to both supply lines. Check all connections for water leaks. Turn off the water. Tighten all connections to stop water leaks.