How to Make a Single Bed Into a Daybed

A daybed used as a love seat or small sofa during the day and a bed at night. Daybeds are especially common in smaller households or apartments where sitting room is limited. It is easy to convert a single, twin-size bed into a daybed by using a few easy-to-get items and some decorating techniques.

A daybed can be used as a sofa or chair during the day.

Step 1

Push the bed all the way against a wall so that one entire side of the bed is touching the wall. This will allow the wall act as the back of the "sofa" during the day.

Step 2

Attach several self-adhesive Velcro strips along the wall behind the bed about 5 inches from the top of the bed.

Step 3

Sew the pairs to the Velcro strips on the wall to the back of several medium-size to large pillows.

Step 4

Match the velcro strips from each pillow to one on the wall so that the pillows line the back of the bed, acting as a sofa back.

Step 5

Place a thick throw over the top of the bed so that it covers the sheets on the bed and acts as a sitting surface that can easily be removed.

Step 6

Place a small decorative hamper or basket next to the bed. Place a comforter and head pillows in the basket. When you are ready to convert your daybed back into a twin bed, simply remove the throw and pillows from the wall and place the comforter and head pillows on the bed.