Central Air Fan Won't Turn On

Your central air conditioner has a condenser unit outside the home that connects to the inside unit in a split system. Inside the condenser unit is the compressor motor, which helps cool the home, and the compressor fan. The compressor fan turns on to keep the compressor unit cool, as well as forcing air throughout the home. If the condenser fan does not turn on, the motor needs to be tested and repaired.

The central air conditioner fan keeps air moving.

Step 1

Unplug the condenser from the plug on the outside of the home.  Turn off the circuit breaker if there isn't a plug.

Step 2

Remove the screw from the top of the condenser unit. 

Step 3

Lift up on the lid of the condenser to expose the fan.  Turn the fan blades by hand. If they turn, then the fan blades need to be removed and replaced.  Pull on the wire connectors and remove the screw to release the fan. Replace it using the take apart instructions. 

Step 4

Touch the fan motor.  If it's hot or warm, the capacitor needs testing. Do not attempt to test the capacitor on your own; it holds a large amount of electricity even when turned off.  Call a professional.

Step 5

Remove the wires from the fan motor and remove the bolts.  Replace the motor.