How to Change Batteries in a Unican Door Lock

Ashley Hay

You can find Unican door locks on hotel room doors or rental units, and you can also use them for your home. Unican door locks will have either a card reader or a keypad for which the user must provide a programmed card or code to unlock the door. Over time, the batteries in certain models of Unican door locks will die and you must replace them in order for the door lock to operate efficiently. Replacing the battery only takes a few minutes.

Step 1

Locate the black cap on the top of the interior side of the Unican door lock.

Step 2

Slide a flat-head screwdriver between the seam of the cap and the metal part of the lock and pry the cap off the lock.

Step 3

Disconnect the battery harness plug for the battery case and pull the battery pack out. The plug is located directly under the cap.

Step 4

Connect the new battery case plug to the battery harness and slide the battery pack into the lock.

Step 5

Replace the cap by popping it back into place.