How to Decorate With Taupe Walls and Furniture

Taupe, a combination of gray and brown, might not seem like an exciting color to work with but you can match it with all colors and decorating styles. If you have a room with taupe walls and furniture, you have a good neutral foundation. All you need to do is add accent colors for interest. When you decide how to decorate your room, you’ll love it.

Orange adds warmth to taupe rooms.

Step 1

Pick a theme to help you with the decorating process. Because taupe is neutral, you have many options. Consider how you use the room and what style you prefer. If you’re working with a den, you may want to go with a casual, rustic look, while you might want a more formal look in a living room.

Step 2

Select a color scheme that works with taupe. Pick two to three accent colors. Light colors will keep the taupe room from feeling too bland. If you want to establish a warm and cozy mood, choose soft red and orange shades. Yellow and white will give the room a bright, spacious feel. Green and blue shades are cooler colors that will evoke relaxation.

Step 3

Hang window treatments that match the theme and accent colors of your room. Add visual interest with curtain panels that have a striped or floral pattern. Linen panels come in a variety of colors. Thick, brocade fabrics will enhance a formal taupe room.

Step 4

Select a rug that contains your accent colors. Pick a style that matches the rest of the room. Block patterns work well in modern rooms, while an oriental rug will highlight a traditional room. Braided jute rugs are casual and informal.

Step 5

Bring dimension to your taupe room with a mix of textures. Look for linen, silk, velvet or wool throws and pillows. For a soft, feminine appeal, choose items edged with lace.

Step 6

Choose accessories with gold accents, such as burnished gold picture frames, a lamp with a gold metal base or antiqued gold hardware on cabinets. Touches of gold will add a subtle glow to the taupe room.