How to Make a Temporary Floor Bed

Circumstances might occasionally prevent you from setting up a bed with a full frame and headboard. Whether you're saving up to buy your dream bedroom set or the movers misplaced vital pieces of your furniture on your recent cross-country move, recognize that you don't have to sacrifice style or sophistication in your personal space just because your bed is on the floor. Implement a few decorating tips so your temporary floor bed will look like a purposeful design choice.

You might decide to make your temporary floor bed a permanent choice.

Step 1

Place an area rug where your floor bed will be, to give the illusion of a platform. If you don’t have an area rug large enough to frame your bed space, arrange a smaller rug just in front or just to the side of your bed to create a similar effect. Plan to have space on either side of the bed, no matter how minimal, so that making up the bed in the mornings won’t be a strain.

Step 2

Put down a box spring under your mattress to keep your bed from being directly on the floor. Cover your box spring with a fitted sheet for form and function; your bed will appear more elegant and purposeful than if you’d left the box spring exposed, and you’ll protect the corners of the box spring from dust and dirt that may have built up on your floor or rug.

Step 3

Tuck the hanging parts of your top sheet in between your mattress and box spring to keep your sheet from dragging on the floor. Place small quilts and blankets on the bed, or tuck the hanging parts of a regular-sized comforter in between your mattress and box spring for the same purpose.

Step 4

Place three or four large bed pillows upright at the head of your bed to create the illusion of a headboard. You can also place one large framed piece of artwork, two medium-sized pieces, or several small pieces on the wall behind your bed, to further the illusion. If you lack artwork, place your temporary floor bed under a window framed with long flowing curtains for an alternative headboard effect.

Step 5

Install short night stand tables or a small lamp on the floor directly next to your bed to make the arrangement look purposeful and elegant.

Step 6

Keep tall furniture, such as dressers, television stands or desks, away from your bed. Balance the look of your temporary bed by keeping the other furniture in your room relatively low. As much as possible, keep your floors clean and free from clutter.

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