How to Change the Belts on a Dyson Root Cyclone Vacuum

A Dyson Root Cyclone stand-up vacuum features a built-in canister for the collection of dust and dirt particles. Like most vacuums, the Dyson Root Cyclone has a rolling brushbar that helps the unit pick up difficult debris. Belts hold the brushbar in place. If the belts on a on the vacuum break or wear down, the vacuum ceases to function properly, so broken or damaged belts must be changed.

Step 1

Unplug the vacuum if it isn’t already unplugged. Press the wand release button on the front of the unit, just above the power button, grasp the wand at the top of the vacuum and pull up to remove the wand from the vacuum.

Step 2

Turn the vacuum upside down, so that the handle faces the floor. Sit down in a chair and secure the vacuum between your legs.

Step 3

Remove the screws that hold the base plate on the vacuum. Put the screws aside somewhere safe.

Step 4

Use your fingers to remove as much of the dirt and debris gathered in the base of the vacuum as possible. If you cannot remove hair or string wrapped around the brushbar in the base of the Root Cyclone, use a pair of scissors to cut the hair or string free.

Step 5

Look at the way the belt sits on the brushroll and attaches to the motor. Pull the brushroll out of the base of the vacuum, maneuvering it out of the belt. Slide the belt off of its position on the motor.

Step 6

Place the new belt on the brushroll in the same position as the original belt. Lower the brushroll into the base of the vacuum and push the other end of the belt forward until you can hook it to its position on the motor.

Step 7

Shift the brushroll if necessary to ensure that it sits evenly in the base of the vacuum. Return the base plate to the unit and put the screws back in place to secure it.

Step 8

Turn the vacuum upright. Press the wand release button again and slide the wand back into place at the top of the unit.

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