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Drilling Through Glass Tile Backsplash

Dawn Gibbs

To drill holes in glass tile, you need a specific kind of drill bit in order to have the cutting power to get through the glass. The process also requires a certain drilling technique to ensure you do not crack or cut the backsplash. Once you have drilled through the glass, you can install pot holders, hooks, picture frames, wall anchors, or anything else that would be useful on your backsplash.

Glass tile can be clear or colored.

Step 1

Fit an electric drill with a diamond-tipped tile drill bit. Put an 'x' of masking tape over the spot on the backsplash where you want to drill.

Step 2

Press the drill bit onto the middle of the 'x' and then press the trigger on the drill. Apply heavy, steady pressure on the drill until you feel it go through the glass and into the backer board.

Step 3

Lighten the pressure as the drill enters the backer board. Go through the backer board or drywall and then slowly pull the drill out of the hole. Use an can of pressurized air to blow any debris out of the hole.