How to Uninstall an R-1481 Sharp Carousel Microwave

James Clark

The Sharp R-1481 is a discontinued model of microwave oven designed to mount over a cooktop or stove, with support from an overhead cabinet. The R-1481 also bolts into the wall studs above the cooktop or stove. If you need to uninstall the microwave, perhaps to have the appliance repaired or replace it with a newer model, recruit a helper to hold the microwave while you take out the supporting hardware. This is an essential safety precaution to prevent injury.

Step 1

Unplug the R-1481 power cord from the wall outlet, which may be below the appliance, or inside the cabinet above the microwave.

Step 2

Loosen and carefully remove the slotted bolts inside the bottom of the cabinet, using a nut driver, while your helper holds the R-1481 steady from below.

Step 3

Pull the lower edge of the R-1481 forward and up with assistance from your helper. Raise the microwave toward the cabinet.

Step 4

Lift the appliance up and off the support bracket on the wall with help from your assistant. You can now lower the R-1481 to the counter.

Step 5

Guide the power cord plug out of the opening on the underside of the cabinet to free the cord if it was installed this way. The appliance can now be removed for repairs or replacement.