Troubleshooting the Buttons on a TRANE Air Conditioner

Vanessa Ryan

Trane manufactures a series of home products including dehumidifiers, air cleaning units and air conditioning systems for residential and commercial use. Trane room air conditioners operate with a series of buttons and a remote control. If you are using a Trane room air conditioner and the controls are not working as you would like, try some troubleshooting tips before you call for service. The problem is often something you can fix yourself.

Step 1

Check to ensure the power button is pressed, if the air conditioner is not kicking on at all. Look to see if a fuse has blown or if a circuit breaker has tripped, if it will not go on when you do press the power button.

Step 2

Look inside the remote control to ensure the batteries are there and properly inserted. Set the timer on the air conditioner properly, if the unit won’t work when you press the power button.

Step 3

Pull open the front panel of the air conditioner and remove the filter for cleaning, if the operation lamp flashes and the unit suddenly stops working. Clean the filter with a standard vacuum cleaner.

Step 4

Set the clock properly, if the timer doesn’t work at the correct times of the day. Press the "Clock" button, then the "Timer Setting" button and hold the up or down arrow to select the time you need. Press "Clock" again to set the time.

Step 5

Press the "Mode" button until you reach the mode you want, if the unit isn’t doing what you want it to. Pressing the button will cycle through Auto, Dry, Heat, Cool and Fan modes.