How to Install a Frameless Shower Door Rubber Gasket

Frameless shower enclosures remove the sight of metal shower frames, which make your bathroom look smaller. The shower door has a small rubber or vinyl gasket that reduces water leakage leaking from the shower and protects the glass if the door shuts too hard. Not all frameless shower enclosures come with a gasket on the door’s bottom of the door, but you can install one yourself in a few minutes without using any tools.

Frameless shower enclosures do not use a metal frame.

Step 01

Open the frameless shower's door.

Step 11

Pull the gasket apart by the edges separating the gasket’s two sides. The gasket is very snug and the sides try folding back together, which helps the gasket keep from sliding off the shower door.

Step 21

Slide the door gasket onto the door’s bottom, starting at one end. Do not use a lubricant to help slide the gasket onto the door as the lubricant may cause the gasket to slip off the door.

Step 31

Pull the gasket by hand up onto the bottom of the door until it is secure and flush with the door’s bottom. The door is smooth, so the gasket’s snugness keeps it in place on the door.

Step 41

Continue sliding the gasket up onto the door’s bottom along the entire length. Since the gasket fits tightly against the glass, it stays in place once you release your hold on it.

Step 51

Close the door, ensuring that it shuts properly with the gasket in place.

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