How to Repair the Door Latch on a Kenmore Microwave

Greg Lindberg

If you're having trouble keeping your Kenmore microwave door closed, you're likely having a problem with one of the door latches. The inside of the microwave door includes two latches that connect to the front side of the microwave. These latches are secured to the door by the interior trimming, which can be manually removed. To repair the latches make sure they can be fastened properly and securely into the door slots. You'll need to replace any damaged latches.

Step 1

Turn off the electrical power to your Kenmore microwave at your kitchen circuit breaker. If you're uncertain which circuit leads to the microwave, cut the power at your home's main power supply.

Step 2

Press the button on the bottom right front of the microwave to open the door.

Step 3

Insert a putty knife into the crevice between the interior trim and microwave door, then press down on the knife to pry off the trim.

Step 4

Locate the door latch clips on the top and bottom inside the microwave's interior.

Step 5

Move the latches up and down to see if they're loose. If one of the latches is falling out of the door, lift up and pull it out of the door.

Step 6

Inspect the door latch for any damage such as melted, chipped or missing pieces.

Step 7

Order a new door latch part from your Kenmore manufacturer and check your owner's manual to see if your microwave is under warranty so you can receive the part for free.

Step 8

Slide the new door latch into the slot in the microwave door. Press the interior trim back onto the inside of the microwave door.

Step 9

Shut the door to check that it latches properly. Turn the electrical power back on at the kitchen circuit breaker or main.