How to Replace Stripped Couplers in Genie Garage Door Openers

Leah Waldron-Gross

Genie garage door openers operate with a rail coupler that attaches the rail assembly to the motor head. If the garage door hits an obstruction, the rail coupler breaks off and protects the motor. If your Genie garage door motor runs but the screw does not turn, the Genie rail coupler -- part No. 30257T -- needs replacement. Other symptoms include grinding noises in the back of the motor head and a visibly thread-less, or stripped, coupler. Genie-brand replacement rail couplers retail for about $5, as of the date of publication, and are easy to install.

Step 1

Climb a step ladder to reach the ceiling-mounted Genie rail system and motor head.

Step 2

Unscrew the two rail system screws. The two screws are attached to the rail system that fits into the motor head. Slide off the rail. Place the rail in a safe location.

Step 3

Pull out the stripped coupler from the motor head with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Discard the damaged coupler.

Step 4

Insert the new coupler into the motor head. The bumper will hold it in place. Re-insert the rail into the slot of the motor head. Screw in the two screws to hold the rail in place.

Step 5

Press the wall-mounted start button to test the Genie garage door opener.