How to Clean Baseboards

How to Clean Baseboards. Cleaning baseboards can be a very tedious and time consuming chore, but when they are done, they help make the whole room look cleaner. With a little elbow grease, your baseboards will be free of dust, dirt, grime, most stains and markings.

Rid Baseboards of Surface Dirt and Dust

Step 1

Vacuum baseboards with vacuum hose.

Step 2

Use vacuum attachment along the bottom of the baseboard where it meets the flooring.

Mixing Your Cleaner

Step 1

Pour 1 cup of white vinegar in bucket or bowl.

Step 2

Heat water to very warm or hot.

Step 3

Add 5 cups of water to the vinegar.

Step 4

Mix with sponge or cloth rag.


Step 1

Wring out sponge or rag.

Step 2

Wipe baseboards.

Step 3

Allow baseboards to air dry.


  • Keep children away from the cleaning solution.

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