How to Move a Washing Machine

Moving day has arrived and transporting the washing machine is a dreaded chore. There is a way to make this back breaking task easier. Read on to learn how to move a washing machine.

  1. First you need to go to a tool rental or moving company and rent an appliance dolly. These dollies are great because they have a strap to place around large items that need moving.

  2. Next, unplug the washing machine from the wall and tie the cord together with a zip tie or some such item to keep it out of your way.

  3. Then empty all the water out of the drain hose. You will want to have a bucket handy at the back of the washing machine so that when you take the hose lose it can go straight in the bucket. It’s also a good idea to have a towel in case of mishaps. After the water is out of the drain hose, pull it up and place it inside the washing machine and put the lid down on top of it to hold it.

  4. After you get all of the water drained, place a blanket over the washing machine. he blanket will ensure that no scratches occur during the move.

  5. Then, put the dolly feet under the front of the washing machine. It’s easier if there are two people helping with this part. Once the dolly feet are under the bottom of the washing machine, wrap the dolly strap around the machine, pull it tight, and cinch it in place. Then, one person can pick up on the back of the washing machine while pushing forward, and the other can tip the dolly backwards to get the washing machine settled on the dolly feet.

  6. After guiding the washing machine carefully down hallways and through doors, watching not to smash your fingers, you are ready to load it on the truck. Most appliance dollies have rollers on the back. One person climbs into the back of the truck. After he is situated, he will reach down and grab the arms of the dolly. The other person will push up from the bottom while the person in the truck is pulling upwards. The rollers on the back of the dolly will make the actual lifting of the washing machine easier. It should lift right up and then you can roll it into position on the truck for transport.

  7. Once you are at the new destination, just follow the steps in reverse to put the washing machine in its new home.


  • Be careful.
  • Watch your fingers so they don't get smashed.

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