How to Install a Built-In Microwave

Many modern homes have a cubbyhole or opening above the oven or stove for a built-in microwave oven. If your home doesn't have a microwave installed in this opening, you can follow these steps to install your own microwave for a built-in look.

  1. Measure the opening for the microwave. It should fit into the opening with at least 1 inch of clearance on each side. The opening should be 1 inch away from any cabinets and 3 inches from an oven.

  2. Remove all loose items, like the turntable, from the microwave. Place the microwave inside the opening and center it. Plug the microwave into the opening's built-in wall socket.

  3. Use a set of trim panels to cover the open spaces. If your microwave came with a built-in installation kit, these should be included. Otherwise, consult a hardware store expert for the exact parts you'll need.

  4. Attach the panels to the sides of the opening with screws. Make sure the microwave is directly up against the panels and the microwave door can still open.

  5. Place the turntable and any other contents back in the microwave. Test the microwave by placing a cup of water inside and cooking for 1 minute at full power.

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