How to Hang a Large Framed Mirror

One of the most beautiful additions you can make to your decor is a large framed mirror.

Hanging the Mirror

A mirror adds welcome light and warmth, reflecting both sunlight and candlelight. A wide variety of frames add further to the beauty of your room. The only concern with a large framed mirror is proper hanging.

Begin by locating studs in your wall with your stud finder. Studs are the long vertical beams that form the basis of your wall. Anchoring your mirror to a stud adds security over just putting picture hooks into the wall. This may, however, not be possible. Studs are usually 12 to 16 inches apart, and there may not be a convenient one where you want to hang your mirror. If you locate a stud in the right place to use it, mark it with a pencil X and plan to center your mirror on the stud. If not, go on anyway.

Measure the width of your mirror and decide where you want it to hang. Have your helper hold the mirror against your wall. Draw a light line on the wall across the top width of your mirror. Check and, if necessary, correct the line with your level. Make a second guideline two inches below your mirror top. This is where two of your hangers will go.

Drill a small hole on each side of your frame, two inches from the top. Screw a hanger eye into each hole. If your mirror is very heavy, drill two more holes, each one two inches below the first and screw in two more eyes (you have just added a belt to your suspenders).

Tap two of your picture hooks into the wall along your lower pencil line and about an inch in from the edge of the frame. Each of your hooks should be strong enough to hold the full weight of the mirror. For example, if your mirror feels as though it weighs about 20 lb., buy three 20-lb. hooks. If you think it could be 30 lb. or more, the next size of hooks is usually 50 lb.--buy three of those. Again, belt and suspenders, but better more holding power than not enough. The money you save with skimpy hooks is far from the amount you'd need to replace the mirror!

Thread picture wire through the top set of eyes and back again--you'll have two strands of wire running parallel to each other. Allow at least six extra inches to twist together securely with your pliers. If you installed four eyes, go up, across, down and back across through all four eyes. Wrap a second 12-inch strand of wire around the joined ends of wire.

Return to the wall and install your third picture hook. Place this one 1/2 inch below your first set of hooks, centered between them (this way, the first two hooks will catch the top strand of wire and the third hook will catch the strand below). If you chose to install two sets of eyes, place the centered hook 1 1/2 inches below the first two.

Take one side of the mirror and have your helper hold the other. Ease mirror onto hooks, centered bottom one first, then the top two. You're done.

Things You Will Need

  • measuring tape or yardstick 2 to 4 screw-in metal eyes braided metal picture wire 3 picture hooks, each sized to the weight of the mirror pliers hammer stud finder carpenter's level electric or hand drill pencil a helper to hang mirror


  • Placing a small square of masking tape on the wall under the spot where you install a picture hook will help prevent damaging your paint.

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