How to Use Brad Nailers with Crown Molding

Joseph Franciosa, Jr.

Brad nailers expedite what can otherwise be a tedious process. If you've ever missed a finish nail head and accidentally left a hammer head's mark in your trim, you understand that using an electric or pneumatic nail gun can save you a lot of frustration. A brad nailer can turn an hour's worth of work into a matter of minutes.

Brads nailers turn brad installation into a simple task.
  1. Run the stud finder along the wall. Mark the studs lightly with a pencil.

  2. Hold the crown molding against the wall. Place the nailer's guard tip against the molding where you have marked a stud. Apply firm pressure so that the nailer's tip is depressed. Pull the nailer's trigger and release quickly to avoid shooting multiple brads.

  3. Nail your molding on each stud.

  4. Set brads with a nail punch for any brad the nailer failed to set on its own. Set each brad at least 1/16 inch beneath the molding's surface.

  5. Fill all brad holes with wood putty and a putty knife. Wait for the putty to dry and then touch up stain or paint the putty with a cotton swab