How to Decorate a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island could be your only usable counter space in the room. You may not want to clutter up your kitchen island, but you still want it to stand out as a decorative item. Kitchen islands can be a place where your family gathers to eat breakfast. Your family may sit at the island to talk to you while you cook. It can be different than your cupboards, making the island a place to use color and imagination. Decorating a kitchen island doesn't have to be expensive.

Kitchen Island
  1. Buy a granite or marble countertop just for your island. This updates your kitchen, but you don't have to replace all of your counters. Choose a color and style that will work with your existing countertops. You can have a stone work surface without spending thousands of dollars.

  2. Add trim. Scour home improvement stores for wainscoting, decorative columns and even furniture feet. These elements are often used in designer kitchens, and you can get them for a fraction of the cost. Give an ordinary kitchen island the feeling of antique furniture. Add interest to your room so the island becomes the focal point and a gathering place.

  3. Make your island stand out. If you're adding a kitchen island, you may have trouble matching the new piece to your old cabinets. Paint or stain your island a completely different color. For a modern look, go with black. If you want to cheer up your kitchen, paint the island turquoise or green. You might not have a lot of wall space in your kitchen, so an island can serve as a pop of color.

  4. Accessorize with food. You have probably seen bowls of fake fruit used as decorative accessories. Instead, use real fruit. A bowl of lemons or cherries can be useful, tasty and cheerful. Display whatever fruit you usually buy in an iron basket on the island counter.

  5. Install decorative pendants. You can hang small chandeliers or pendant lights over your island. This gives you task lighting and further decorates your kitchen island. Look for lighting fixtures with large, colorful shades if you want your island to have a modern feeling.