How to Build a Portable Closet

If you're on the go and need a portable storage area for your clothes when you reach your destination, a portable closet can help you greatly. There are several varieties of commercial portable closets available, with many being covered versions with large nylon walls draping over a wooden frame. But you can also construct your own portable closet that is much simpler and even easier to transport. You just need some pipes or poles (metal, wood or PVC can work) with the right pipe fittings to connect them into a frame and heavy flanges to help them stand up.

  1. Place four tall poles into their flanges and stand them up on the flanges. The flanges need to be big and heavy enough to provide balance and allow the poles to stand up vertically.

  2. Attach the PVC pipe fittings to the top ends of the vertical poles. Two of the poles get two-way fittings on them while the other two use three-way fittings. You need fittings that are perpendicular, where, if you hold them in your hand, one port points down, one points to you and the possible third port points to the left or right.

  3. Line up the four poles standing up as so that they form the corners of a square on the ground. The two poles with two-way fittings on top should be in front with the two poles with three-way fittings in back. Every open port on a fitting needs to point at another open port.

  4. Connect all four poles together at the top by placing the shorter poles into the open ports in the fittings. When they are all assembled, the short poles will form a horizontal "U" frame with the tips of the U pointing towards you.

  5. Hang all of your clothes and garments on hangers from the short, horizontal poles to use the frame as a closet.

  6. Disassemble all the poles and fittings if you ned to transport the closet elsewhere, then reassemble it upon reaching your destination.