How to Build a Homemade Air Conditioner

If your home or work space isn't air conditioned, you don't have to sweat through the summer months. A homemade air conditioner will do the trick without costing you a bundle. This particular design is a low-maintenance version that requires no water drainage. Follow the steps below to make your own homemade air conditioner.

Cool Off

  1. Remove the front grate from the fan and attach the copper tubing to the fan. You can use a hole saw to use as a die to wrap the tubing around the interior of the fan.

  2. Arrange the copper tubing around the inside of the fan, using zip ties to hold the tubing to the back grate. Clip off the loose ends of the zip ties. Leave both ends of the copper tubing sticking out of the fan.

  3. Connect one end of the copper tubing to the plastic tubing for the aquarium pump. Connect the other end of the copper tubing to another length of plastic tubing and place the end in the ice chest.

  4. Fill the ice chest with cold water and ice. Submerge the aquarium pump in the ice chest and turn on the pump.

  5. Check for leaks in your copper and plastic tubing, especially where the two meet. If you find leaks, turn off the pump and try to tighten up your connections or use hose clamps.

  6. Plug in and turn on the fan. The air flowing from the fan should become colder.


  • If the water seems to be losing its cooling effect during the cycle through the tubing and pump, you may need a bigger pump. A larger aquarium pump will make the water flow faster and not allow the water to warm up as much.

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