How to Reinforce Wooden Fence Posts

Samantha Volz

Installing a wooden fence is an easy way to mark property lines or keep pets safely within a yard. Like any material exposed to the elements, however, wooden fence posts will need to be reinforced occasionally to keep them standing tall. With some basic tools, these fence posts can be made to stand for years to come.

  1. Dig into the ground around the post that needs to be reiforced. Determine how the post was originally installed. Some fence posts are simply stuck into the ground, while others are supported by material such as gravel or concrete.

  2. Determine the state of the current support. If there is no support system other than dirt, or the support has eroded or begun to lose its effectiveness, replace it. Pour gravel or concrete into the hole and insert the post. Allow appropriate time to settle or dry, depending on your material.

  3. Add additional wooden pieces to help support the fence posts. If the fence post is supported by gravel or dirt, dig a little deeper next to the fence post on both sides. Acquire sturdy wooden pieces; 2-by-4s will do work. Insert the new wood into the holes on both sides of the post and fill the hole with dirt or gravel. Nail or screw the new wood onto the post to provide greater support.