How to Check the Grease in a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

One of the most popular brands of stand mixers, the Kitchenaid, can provide years of use if taken care of properly. In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, it is important to check the grease in the mixer and replace it if needed.

Disassemble the Mixer

  1. Put the mixer plug in the plastic baggie. Securely wrap a rubber band around the baggie. This step will prevent the mixer from being accidentally plugged in and turned on while it is being worked on.

  2. Place the mixer on an old towel.

  3. Locate the screws on the back of the mixer. Using the medium Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the screws and place them in the small box for safekeeping. Refer to the mixer's manual for the exact placement and type of screws. Pull the back cover off the mixer.

  4. Take the flat-head screwdriver and gently push down on the chrome ring on the front of the mixer. Slide the screwdriver around the ring and tap gently as you go. The ring will eventually pop off.

  5. Lay the mixer on its side. Remove the four to six screws on the underside of the mixer and place them in the small box for safekeeping. Refer to the mixer's manual for the exact location, number and type of screws.

  6. Remove the snout of the mixer. Slide the small Phillips-head screwdriver into the slot and gently push the pin out.

  7. Use the flat-head screwdriver to carefully push the snout of the mixer away from the body of the mixer. You will now be able to check the grease.

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