How to Place Furniture in a Room With Two Focal Points

When you have two focal points in a room, this can create a challenge. You want to arrange your furniture in a way that focuses on both points while also making the room feel inviting and comfortable. There's no one right way to arrange furniture, so keep an open mind when placing pieces in the room. You can find ways that allow you to showcase your dramatic focal points, while maintaining balance and symmetry. Once you have a plan in mind, get ready to design a room that's sure to draw attention.

How to Place Furniture in a Room With Two Focal Points

  1. Identify your two focal points. Focal points may be long walls, large windows, entertainment centers, fireplaces or other dramatic pieces.

  2. Arrange furniture in groups around both focal points.

  3. Keep traffic paths clear of furniture. You need about two feet of space for paths that are heavily traveled.

  4. Choose one or two big pieces for both focal points, and accessorize with smaller pieces.

  5. Place seats so that they face one another instead of arranging them side by side. This makes it easier for people to talk to each other when seated.

  6. Angle furniture when possible instead of placing all pieces parallel to walls. This creates a warmer, more casual feel to the room.

  7. Use area rugs to identify separate seating areas. If one area is larger than the other, place a bigger rug in that space. Keep area rugs similar in color and style, although they don't have to be identical.


  • Don't place all of your big pieces of furniture around one focal point. Mix it up with big and small pieces between both points.
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