How to Change the Vacuum Belt on a Hoover Sprint

The belt on Hoover Sprint vacuum cleaners is used to turn the agitator, which loosens dirt and debris in your carpet for easy pick up. Hoover vacuum belts are strong and often last through dozens of cleaning cycles before wearing down, at which point they break or become too loose to turn the agitator. When a belt finally degrades to the point where it affects the quality of the vacuum, replace it with a new belt.

  1. Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet, press the handle release pedal on the bottom of the cleaner and lower the handle to the floor.

  2. Flip the vacuum cleaner over so the bottom of the nozzle is facing up.

  3. Insert the screwdriver into the slot on the bottom plate near the front right side of the nozzle and push the screwdriver toward the back of the nozzle to disengage the right side of the bottom plate.

  4. Repeat Step 3 on the left slot of the bottom plate and lift the plate off the nozzle.

  5. Pull the agitator out of the nozzle and remove the belt. The agitator is the cylindrical piece with the brush on it.

  6. Loop the replacement belt over the agitator and rest it on the belt guide. Slide the agitator back into the nozzle. Make sure the belt is lying flat on the inside of the nozzle.

  7. Line up the three tabs on the bottom plate with the slots on the nozzle and push down to snap it back in place.

  8. Turn the vacuum back over so the top of the nozzle is facing up and lift up on the nozzle control knob to remove it from the lever.

  9. Flip the vacuum over again so the bottom of the nozzle is facing up.

  10. Insert the screwdriver into the slot next to the right or left rear wheel and push the screwdriver toward the handle. This will release the hood latch.

  11. Turn the vacuum cleaner over again so the top of the nozzle is facing up and pull the hood off of the nozzle.

  12. Grab the new belt and stretch it over the pulley of the motor drive shaft. New belts are tight and it may take some effort to pull the belt onto the pulley.

  13. Spin the agitator with your hand to make sure it turns freely. If there is resistance, adjust the belt so it sits in the middle of the agitator and motor drive shaft pulleys.

  14. Line up the nozzle hood over the nozzle and press down until it snaps in place and replace the nozzle control knob.

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